Sunday Message 10-29-17

Do You Have Sufficient Funds?

From the Gospel of Matthew and The Greatest Commandment. How are we to be loved, if we do not give love? It is like a bank in which the only way we can receive money, we must first deposit money. God gives us love; therefore, we must give love in return, and is how we should live with those around us.

Sunday Message 10-22-17

My Letter to God

From the Gospel of Matthew and Paying the Imperial Tax. The only thing that you can give to God, that belongs to you, is yourself through prayer and a longing to be with Him.

Sunday Message 10-15-17

Are You Wearing the Right Clothes?

From the Gospel Matthew and the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. As Christians, we have already RSVP’d to God’s invitation to join His Kingdom. However, have we made ourselves properly ready to join by practicing the fruits of the Spirit, especially during difficult situations?

Sunday Message 10-08-17

Show & Tell

From the Gospel of Matthew regarding the Parable of the Tenants and hypocrisy. The proof of being a Christian is showing others how you live your life as a Christian, rather than telling others how to live the Christian life.

Sunday Message 10-01-17

Hiding Your Sins

From the Gospel of Matthew “The Parable of the Two Sons,” the faults we see in others are a reflection of ourselves. Once we are able to see our reflection and the faults within ourselves, we will begin to live a better, more loving, and faithful life through Jesus Christ. Simply put, do the Show, not the Tell.

 Sunday Message 9-17-17

Ponderin’ Your Funeral

From St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, do not plan for your funeral for when you die, plan for your funeral so that you may live.

Sunday Message 9-10-17

From St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, do not repay evil for evil, but to overcome evil by spreading only goodness.



EASTER SUNDAY MESSAGE. Touching First Base. First base for Christians is believing that Jesus was resurrected after three days, and that Christ is alive and present. To not believe that simple principle means that you will never make it Home.