From the Gospel, we are to be like Jesus, to serve others, and not be served.

Plus, a piano performance during offertory by our choir director.


From the Gospel of Luke, Fr. Darryl discusses how blessings unto ourselves become a liability. The Blessings that God gives us are to be shared, not stored in an internal barn for ourselves.


Listen to the bells that Christ rings for you as a call to prayer for the needs of other people.





From Paul’s letter to the Phillipians. When Paul came to Christ, he received no warning signs as to the cost of following Christ.


We should not follow the devices that lead to sin, but as leaders of our own lives according to God’s will.



Fr. Darryl speaks of how the face of Jesus radiates the inner love He has for us, and that having Him within us should do the same. Also, our choir director, José Antonio Cubela, performs two pieces on the piano during the service.


From the Gospel of Luke, Jesus came to liberate us from ourselves.

Sunday Message 1/6/19

What’s on your helmet? Will you let Jesus lead you, or will you follow your own path?

Sunday Message 12/30/18

Will my questions matter in eternity.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Mass

Bishop Iker’s Final Officiate at CTKAS Before Retiring

Episcopal Visit, Confirmations, Affirmations, and Receptions

The Sunday Message 11/18/18

Visiting Priest Fr. Maneikis gives the Sunday Message.

The Sunday Message 5/20/18

The First Sunday of Pentecost

The Sunday Message 4/1/18

The Easter Sunday Service

Palm Sunday Service

The Sunday Message 2/4/18

From the Gospel of Mark, Jesus got up in the early morning to have a silent moment to Himself to pray. We must follow the example of Jesus by taking time to be in silence, listen to our own heart, and pray the words we hear coming from our own heart.

Sunday Message 1/21/18

The Good News of the Gospel is for you, not about you. We do not come to the Kingdom of Christ already transformed. We come to Christ first, Who then transforms us.

Sunday Message 1/14/2018

The world is full of deceit, which comes at a cost. We should be honest as to who we are, what we say and do. Fr. Darryl speaks about The Gospel of John and how Jesus called Nathanael a man without deceit. We should want to be a great disciple for Christ, rather than using guile or deception in the acquisition of material greatness.

Sunday Message 1/7/2018

Of Cakes, Crossings & Christ.

For the First Sunday of Epiphany, Fr. Darryl discusses how we move from our place in the world into God’s Kingdom.

Sunday Message 12/31/2017

In Tune & On Time

Fr. Darryl’s last Sunday Message of 2017. Just as clocks are set to a master clock, we must set our lives to Jesus Christ.

Highlights from the Christmas Eve Service

The Christmas Choir Cantata

The Christmas Music Event

Solos and  Ensemble performances by church members and guest performers.

Sunday Message 10-29-17

Do You Have Sufficient Funds?

From the Gospel of Matthew and The Greatest Commandment. How are we to be loved, if we do not give love? It is like a bank in which the only way we can receive money, we must first deposit money. God gives us love; therefore, we must give love in return, and is how we should live with those around us.


























Sunday Message 10-22-17

My Letter to God

From the Gospel of Matthew and Paying the Imperial Tax. The only thing that you can give to God, that belongs to you, is yourself through prayer and a longing to be with Him.


























Sunday Message 10-15-17

Are You Wearing the Right Clothes?

From the Gospel Matthew and the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. As Christians, we have already RSVP’d to God’s invitation to join His Kingdom. However, have we made ourselves properly ready to join by practicing the fruits of the Spirit, especially during difficult situations?


























Sunday Message 10-08-17

Show & Tell

From the Gospel of Matthew regarding the Parable of the Tenants and hypocrisy. The proof of being a Christian is showing others how you live your life as a Christian, rather than telling others how to live the Christian life.


























Sunday Message 10-01-17

Hiding Your Sins

From the Gospel of Matthew “The Parable of the Two Sons,” the faults we see in others are a reflection of ourselves. Once we are able to see our reflection and the faults within ourselves, we will begin to live a better, more loving, and faithful life through Jesus Christ. Simply put, do the Show, not the Tell.


























 Sunday Message 9-17-17

Ponderin’ Your Funeral

From St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, do not plan for your funeral for when you die, plan for your funeral so that you may live.


























Sunday Message 9-10-17

From St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, do not repay evil for evil, but to overcome evil by spreading only goodness.